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The “most friendly herd of quality alpacas for sale in Sussex, Surrey, Essex and Kent and possibly the whole UK”.

We are breeders of both huacaya and suri  alpacas. Since purchasing our first female alpacas in 2000, we have continued to source the best genetics available in both the UK and the US including Accoyo and Snowmass bloodlines in huacaya - and Macgyver in suri. Our alpacas are friendly and confident, and reflect the time we spend with them. We are a medium sized breeder (approx. 110 alpacas) based in East Sussex but convenient for West Sussex, Surrey, Essex, Kent, Hampshire. We regularly deliver alpacas (in our custom designed and built van) throughout the whole UK and offer a professional export service throughout Europe. We pride ourselves on our handling and haltering techniques, husbandry and back-up. For a completely different alpaca experience and to see our alpacas for sale, come and meet us, our alpacas and discover how manageable alpacas can be.

We always have a wide selection of alpacas for sale – including pregnant females (some with crias at foot); young males and females; wethers and both stud and potential stud males. Our for sale section gives an idea of our available stock – but in addition, we can put together sale packages and we rarely list all our alpacas for sale so if you were looking for a particular colour or group size we can almost certainly accomodate you. Given our experience, we are very happy to guide you through the whole process whether you are looking for a starter herd – or to discuss individual requirements for an established herd.

We have found that adding a Spring Farm Alpaca to an existing herd can dramatically increase the friendliness of that herd. Given that alpacas are really intelligent and inquisitive – one confident and friendly alpaca can transform a more “timid” herd.

We can help you learn about all aspects of alpaca handling and husbandry on a one-to -one basis,  plus birthing and re-mating – and we are always available to help with comprehensive back-up and advice.

We hold regular workshops and talks on every aspect of alpaca fibre including assessing fibre quality. We can help you halter train your alpacas and skirt (prepare) your fleeces for showing.

We would love to show you what enchanting animals our alpacas are.  It is only on a farm such as ours where the alpacas are treated as individuals with our time, kindness and experience that you would get a herd of alpacas as relaxed and friendly as ours.


The most friendly herd of alpacas for sale in sussex, surrey or kent